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My name is Cyril, and I assist IoT/embedded systems companies in securing their adoption of modern and profitable technologies such as Rust and Git.

During my 8+ years of experience in industrial embedded development (at Airbus, Intel, Alstom, ABB...), I have very often observed that the discordance (or even obsolescence) of technologies, tools and practices hinders development speed, affects recruitment sustainability, and significantly complicates maintenance.

Beyond a development service, my experience as a trainer and my passion for discovery and teaching will enable you to firmly establish yourself in an exploding, highly demanded field, and to benefit from my expertise even after my departure.

I am committed to helping your developers enjoy their work rather than pulling their hair out, your recruiters offer exciting and promising opportunities, and to allow you to showcase ambitious, innovative, and elegant projects.

If you want to take this turn, don't hesitate any longer, contact me 🚀


Graduated from the Electronics and Applied Physics program with a major in Signal, Control, and Telecommunications for Embedded Systems at ENSICAEN in 2013, I have since worked with companies of various sizes, some of them world-renowned (Intel, Airbus, Alstom, ABB) and in various sectors (Telecommunications, Energy, Aerospace, Railway, Cybersecurity...).

Embedded Systems

Passionate about this field, I have gained over eight years of experience in the embedded systems industry.

Backend Linux

My field of expertise covers development on Linux, whether it is application or embedded.


Performance and modernity finally accessible in an elegant and highly praised language!


Why use it? Productivity, collaboration, simplicity... or simply because it's the de facto standard of the open source community!



Rust library for the Rust ESP Board embedding an ESP32-C3 microcontroller (RISC-V). It uses the ESP-IDF framework and provides tools to easily build applications that interact with the physical world.


Unlocking Vec and HashMap on BBC Micro:Bit


Tutorial detailing how to use Rust's Vec and HashMap collections on the BBC micro:bit's ARM Cortex-M4F microcontroller in under an hour by enabling the use of the Rust Standard Library ("std").

Embedded Rust on ESP32C3 Board, a Hands-on Quickstart Guide

Tutorial detailing the setup of a Rust development environment on RISC-V ESP32C3 microcontroller in less than an hour, allowing the use of the Rust Standard Library as well as Wi-Fi and Bluetooth features of the MCU.




Driver for HD44780 controller via I2C bus written in Rust, allowing control of an LCD screen with a concrete example on the BBC micro:bit (measurement and display of temperature via the onboard sensor).


Discord bot written in Rust using the asynchronous library Serenity. It is a demo of a self-compiled/deployed text-based RPG on ASUS TinkerBoard using Git as a database.